In The Daily Automotive, the first thing we value is the privacy of others. Following is the relative information about types of personal information that are received and collected when users visit, and how collected information is used with proper security. The site never uses your personal information for third-party selling. 

Who We Are : 

We are The Daily Automotive and our site address is  For any kind of queries or questions, we can be reached through: admin@thedailyautomotive

What Personal Data We Collect And Why We Collect It : 


When visitors come to the site and share their queries and experiences through comments, these comments are used for the future development of content. Also, the visitor’s public IP is analyzed to make sure the comment isn’t made by a spamming robot.

We use the Gravatar service to check the authenticity of the mail address you provide. The mails contain specific hash codes which are sent to gravatar service for verification.  Then we approve the comment you make on any content and make it public so that people can show it.  To read more about the privacy policy of Gravatar service, visit Click here.

The Daily Automotive does not send any promotional offers to your mail address nor share your mail address with anyone. 

Contact Forms

The Daily Automotive collects data from visitors through a contact form when they sign up. The form contains fields related to personal information, name, occupation, location, email fields. When someone fills up a contact form, the automated codes send this info to our mail address.  Any information on the contact form is not shared with third parties and protected with different safety methods.


Visitors can see and download information of files, media, images from this site but can not upload or download any content. User information is collected through various parameters such as view, through content interests, like, comment, time, and frequently visited media. 


To relieve visitors from the pain of entering information every time they visit The Daily Automotive, we use cookies that save your primary info. All of these cookies are generated by the site owner and maintenance team and no third parties are involved here. The cookies of this site generally contain your login information only.  All your cookies are deleted automatically after a certain period.


We have an affiliation with the Amazon Affiliate program, Google AdSense, Ezoic, ClickBank, etc. to embed advertisements on our website. Only for certain advertising purposes, AdSense and Ezoic may gather some basic data. 

Embedded Content from Other Websites

When a visitor comes to The Daily Automotive, he/she may find embedded contents of other websites such as clips, audio, reference, affiliated links, etc. These embedded sites are chosen through various steps of trustworthiness. If you click any embedded content, you are counted as a visitor of that particular site and they can see basic information such as the name, location you provided on our site. No personal information is shared with these sites. 


The Daily Automotive applies Google Analytics to collect basic information of users such as internet protocol address, isp, device, locations, content interest, etc. 

The data acquired through google analytics are used for visitor count research and statistical analysis,  development, etc. No data is used for third-party selling or advertising. If you still wish to stop Google Analytics from collecting your information visit Click here.

If you wish to know how Google collects and analyze your data, read Google’s Privacy Policy from Check here.

How Long We Retain Your Data :

We respect the information users provide to this site. The data are categorized into two segments.  The first category of data is kept as long as the site runs. These data are user comments, questions, queries, etc. The second category of data is kept for a specific time such as login information or mail address. 

How We Protect Your Data : 

Much third-party software such as  Egnyte. Oracle is used to keep the data of  The Daily Automotive secure. We also follow methods such as encryption,  masking, antivirus, firewall, etc for further safety. 

Who We Share Your Data With :

The data that users and visitors provide is mainly used for content development, site development, research, and other important works.  There is no involvement of third parties in between. All contents are created according to the interest of visitors. Hence there is no marketing activities endorsement of given data that takes place. 

What Rights You Have Over Your Data : 

Users can ask for a statement file that includes information such as primary info, comments, reactions, etc. Users can also request to withdraw any information they provide on this site except the primary and legal information. 

Where We Send Your Data : 

The comments users make or information they provide are sent to many spam locator services. This is done for checking several factors such as virus scan,  plagiarism, content rating, bot, sensitive issues, etc. 

What Third Parties We Receive Data from : 

The Daily Automotive receives and uses data from various authentic and legal sites such as Google analytics facebook youtube, Alexa ranking, cookies. These data are analyzed to understand user behaviors, preferences and used for content development in the future. 

What Data Breach Procedures We Have In Place : 

To protect the loss of any important data users provide to us, we have many recoveries and storing tools on this site. These tools allow us to re-reach your data if they are stolen or damaged through various incidents. Some of the tools we use to protect data are  :

1.Malware and Virus Protection.

2.Spam detector.


4.Password sniping detector.

5.Database Backup. 

What Automated Decision Making or Profiling We Do With User Data :

To identify a user’s searching behavior or priorities over specific content we use legal automated decisions or profiling.  This profiling is created through research components such as surveys, questions,  ratings, etc. 

Contact Information :

For your queries, suggestions, complaints, reach us at 

[email protected].

We generally reply to your queries in the shortest possible time. Share your experiences regarding the contents of this site so that we can further develop the quality of all contents shortly.