Can Ford Fusion Take E85? Discover the Power-packed Performance!

Can Ford Fusion Take E85? Discover the Power-packed Performance!

Yes, the Ford Fusion can take E85 fuel. This popular sedan model is compatible with E85, a fuel blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Can Ford Fusion Run On E85?

The Ford Fusion is a popular and efficient sedan that offers a good balance between performance and fuel economy. One common question that Ford Fusion owners may have is whether their vehicle can run on E85 fuel. In this article, we will explore the compatibility of the Ford Fusion with E85 and discuss the benefits of running your Fusion on this alternative fuel.

What Is E85?

E85 is a blend of ethanol and gasoline fuel that consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Ethanol is a biofuel derived from renewable sources, such as corn or sugarcane. It is considered a cleaner-burning fuel compared to gasoline since it produces fewer emissions that contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Compatibility Of Ford Fusion With E85

Now, let’s discuss whether the Ford Fusion can run on E85. The good news is that certain models of the Ford Fusion are indeed compatible with E85 fuel. However, it is important to check your specific Ford Fusion model and year to confirm its compatibility. You can do this by referring to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contacting your nearest Ford dealership.

Keep in mind that not all Ford Fusion models can run on E85. The compatibility of your Fusion with E85 fuel depends on the engine type and fuel system it is equipped with. Therefore, it is crucial to verify this information before considering using E85 as a fuel option for your Ford Fusion.

Benefits Of Running Ford Fusion On E85

Running your Ford Fusion on E85 fuel offers several benefits:

  1. Environmental Friendliness: E85 fuel helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution compared to traditional gasoline. By choosing E85 for your Ford Fusion, you contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.
  2. Renewable Fuel Option: Since ethanol is derived from renewable sources, using it as an alternative fuel promotes sustainability and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.
  3. Increased Performance: E85 has a higher octane rating than gasoline, which means that it can improve the performance of your Ford Fusion. You may notice enhanced acceleration and power while running your vehicle on E85.
  4. Price Competitiveness: In some regions, E85 fuel may be available at a lower price compared to gasoline. By opting for E85, you can potentially save on fuel costs.

Before switching to E85, it is crucial to consider the availability of E85 fuel stations in your area. While E85 is becoming more widely available, it may not be as accessible as traditional gasoline. Additionally, you will need to gauge the economic feasibility of running your Ford Fusion on E85, taking into account the fuel prices in your area.

In conclusion, if your Ford Fusion is compatible with E85, choosing this alternative fuel can have numerous benefits for both your vehicle’s performance and the environment. Consider checking your Fusion’s compatibility, exploring local E85 fuel station availability, and making an informed decision based on your specific driving needs and priorities.

Power-packed Performance Of Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion showcases a power-packed performance that can confidently take on E85 fuel, delivering impressive results on the road. Experience the remarkable capabilities of the Fusion and enjoy a seamless ride with its fuel-efficient technology.

The Ford Fusion is a prime example of power and performance balanced with efficiency. With its sleek design and advanced engineering, the Ford Fusion delivers an exhilarating driving experience that is unmatched in its class. Whether you’re cruising along the highway or maneuvering through city streets, the Fusion’s power-packed performance is sure to impress.

Engine Specifications

Under the hood, the Ford Fusion offers a range of powerful engine options designed to suit every driver’s needs. From the base engine to the high-performance variants, each engine delivers impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Here are the engine specifications for the Ford Fusion:

Engine Type Power Output Torque
2.5L Duratec I4 175 horsepower 175 lb-ft
1.5L EcoBoost I4 181 horsepower 185 lb-ft
2.0L EcoBoost I4 245 horsepower 275 lb-ft
2.0L Atkinson-Cycle Hybrid 188 combined horsepower N/A

Acceleration And Top Speed

When it comes to acceleration and top speed, the Ford Fusion does not disappoint. With its powerful engines and smooth transmission, the Fusion accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just a matter of seconds. The top speed varies depending on the engine and model, but it can reach up to 130 mph. Whether you’re merging onto the highway or cruising down a winding road, the Fusion’s acceleration and top speed capabilities ensure a thrilling and dynamic driving experience.

Handling And Driving Experience

The Ford Fusion is renowned for its precise handling and responsive steering. Thanks to its well-tuned suspension and advanced stability control systems, the Fusion offers exceptional stability and control on all types of road surfaces. Whether you’re navigating sharp turns or driving on uneven terrain, the Fusion’s handling capabilities inspire confidence and ensure a comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. Additionally, the Fusion’s smooth and quiet ride adds to its overall driving experience, allowing you to enjoy every moment behind the wheel.

Comparison With Other Fuel Types

When considering the fuel efficiency and environmental impact of vehicles, it’s crucial to explore the different fuel types available on the market. The Ford Fusion, known for its exceptional performance and reliability, is compatible with E85, a fuel blend made up of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. In this section, we will compare E85 with three popular fuel types: gasoline, electric, and hybrid, to understand how the Ford Fusion stands out among its counterparts.

E85 Vs Gasoline

E85 and gasoline are both widely-used fuels for vehicles, but they differ in their composition and environmental benefits. Gasoline, derived from fossil fuels, is a petroleum-based product and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, E85, produced primarily from corn or sugarcane, is more sustainable and emits fewer greenhouse gases during combustion. Additionally, E85 has a higher octane rating, which enhances engine performance and allows for more power. However, it’s worth noting that E85 has slightly lower fuel efficiency compared to gasoline, meaning your Ford Fusion may need more frequent refueling with E85.

E85 Vs Electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained popularity in recent years for their zero-emission benefit and reduced dependence on fossil fuels. While electric vehicles are undoubtedly environmentally friendly, they have certain limitations that make E85 a competitive choice. Firstly, EVs require access to charging infrastructure, which can be a challenge in certain areas. On the other hand, E85 can be conveniently found at many gas stations nationwide. Moreover, E85-powered vehicles, like the Ford Fusion, provide a familiar driving experience with quicker refueling times compared to charging electric vehicles. However, it’s important to consider your local electricity grid’s renewable energy composition when comparing the environmental impact of E85 and electric vehicles.

E85 Vs Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles combine the benefits of internal combustion engines and electric motors to offer better fuel efficiency. While hybrids are known for their impressive fuel economy, E85-powered vehicles like the Ford Fusion present some intriguing advantages. E85 allows for higher performance due to its higher octane rating, potentially enhancing the driving experience compared to traditional hybrids. Furthermore, E85 availability is more widespread than the charging infrastructure required for hybrid vehicles. However, it’s essential to note that hybrids excel in urban areas with frequent stop-and-go traffic, providing better fuel efficiency in those conditions.


The Ford Fusion proves to be a reliable choice for those considering E85 fuel. With its flexible fuel capability, this vehicle offers the potential for reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Whether you are looking for a greener alternative or simply want to take advantage of lower-cost fuel options, the Ford Fusion is a practical and eco-friendly choice.

Consider the Fusion for your next vehicle purchase and experience the benefits of E85 fuel compatibility.

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