Can I Take My Acura to a Honda Dealership

Can I Take My Acura to a Honda Dealership? Find Out What Your Options Are!

Yes, you can take your Acura to a Honda dealership for servicing, as Acura is a luxury division of Honda. When it comes to your Acura’s maintenance needs, taking it to a Honda dealership is a convenient and reliable option.

Acura vehicles share many components with Honda vehicles, and Honda dealerships are well-equipped to handle Acura models as well. By visiting a Honda dealership, you can expect expert technicians who are trained to work on both Honda and Acura vehicles, ensuring that your car receives the highest quality service and genuine parts.

Trusting your Acura with a Honda dealership will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be handled by professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of your car’s make and model.

Can I Take My Acura To A Honda Dealership?

You can bring your Acura vehicle to a Honda dealership for service and maintenance. Both Acura and Honda are part of the same parent company, so Honda dealerships are fully equipped to handle Acura vehicles with expertise and genuine parts.

One common question that Acura owners often ask is, “Can I take my Acura to a Honda dealership?” Given that both Acura and Honda are brands under the same parent company, Honda Motor Co., it’s natural to wonder if the two dealerships are interchangeable. In this article, we will explore the relationship between Acura and Honda, discuss the advantages of taking your Acura to a Honda dealership, and consider some important factors you should keep in mind when making this decision.

Can I Take My Acura to a Honda Dealership

Exploring The Relationship Between Acura And Honda

Before we delve into whether you can take your Acura to a Honda dealership, it’s important to understand the relationship between these two brands. Acura is a luxury vehicle division of Honda, specializing in high-performance cars and SUVs. While Acura and Honda share the same parent company, they have distinct brand identities and unique dealership networks.

Advantages Of Taking Your Acura To A Honda Dealership

If you’re wondering whether it’s beneficial to bring your Acura to a Honda dealership, there are indeed several advantages to consider. Firstly, Honda dealerships possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in servicing and repairing vehicles manufactured by Honda Motor Co. While Acuras have their own specialized features, many of their components are built upon Honda’s engineering knowledge. Hence, Honda technicians are well-equipped to handle routine maintenance and repairs on Acura vehicles. Secondly, taking your Acura to a Honda dealership may offer convenience in terms of location. While Acura and Honda dealerships operate independently, they often share premises or are located in close proximity to one another. This means that a Honda dealership may be more accessible to you than an Acura dealership, saving you time and effort. Lastly, bringing your Acura to a Honda dealership could potentially lead to cost savings. Honda dealerships may offer competitive pricing on routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Additionally, they may have more affordable options for genuine Honda parts, which are often used in Acura vehicles as well.

Considerations When Taking Your Acura To A Honda Dealership

While there are advantages to taking your Acura to a Honda dealership, it’s essential to consider a few factors before making this decision. Firstly, ensure that the technicians at the Honda dealership have experience and expertise in working with Acura vehicles. While they share similarities with Honda models, Acuras have unique components and systems that require specialized knowledge. Moreover, it’s crucial to evaluate the warranty implications of having your Acura serviced at a Honda dealership. Acura vehicles typically come with their own warranty coverage, and it’s important to confirm whether servicing your car at a Honda dealership will affect the warranty terms. Before heading to a Honda dealership, it’s always a good idea to contact them and inquire about their familiarity with Acura vehicles. Ask if they have technicians trained specifically in Acura servicing and if they have access to Acura-specific diagnostic equipment and tools. Doing so will help ensure that your Acura receives the best care possible at a Honda dealership.


Bringing your Acura to a Honda dealership is a viable option for maintenance and repairs. The two brands share similar platforms and components, making it easier for Honda technicians to service your Acura. With their expertise and access to genuine Honda parts, you can trust a Honda dealership to provide quality care for your Acura vehicle.

Make sure to check with the specific dealership beforehand to ensure they offer Acura services.

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