How to Open Bmw Trunk from Outside

How to Open Bmw Trunk from Outside: Quick and Easy Tips

To open the BMW trunk from the outside, locate the trunk release button on the key fob and press it. Need to access the trunk of your BMW from the outside?

Whether you have your hands full or just want to make things easier, using the trunk release button on the key fob is the most convenient way to unlock and open the trunk. Simply find the trunk release button on your key fob and press it to access your BMW’s trunk without having to be inside the car.

This feature comes in handy when you need to load or unload items from your BMW’s trunk without needing to open the car doors.

Understanding The Bmw Trunk Mechanism

Understanding the BMW trunk mechanism is crucial for ensuring smooth operation and accessibility. Whether you have a sedan, SUV, or coupe, knowing how to navigate the trunk system can save you time and hassle, especially when you need to access your BMW’s trunk from the outside. In this guide, we’ll delve into the different models and mechanisms of BMW trunks, providing you with valuable insights on how to open your BMW trunk from the outside.

Different Models And Mechanisms

BMW offers a diverse range of models, each equipped with its unique trunk mechanism. Understanding the specific features of your BMW model is essential for effectively accessing the trunk from the outside. Here’s a brief overview of the trunk mechanisms found in various BMW models:

Model Trunk Mechanism
3 Series Electronic Release Button
5 Series Comfort Access Keyless Entry
X3 SUV Power Tailgate

When it comes to opening a BMW trunk from the outside, it’s important to grasp the fundamental workings of the trunk mechanism. From electronic release buttons to keyless entry systems, each BMW model features a distinct method for accessing the trunk. By familiarizing yourself with the specific mechanism of your BMW, you can confidently and efficiently open the trunk as needed.

How to Open Bmw Trunk from Outside

Keyless Entry Method

The keyless entry method allows you to open your BMW trunk from outside without using a physical key. This convenient feature provides quick and easy access to your trunk space, adding a level of convenience to your BMW ownership experience. Below are the steps to open your BMW trunk using the keyless entry method.

Step 1: Locating The Keyless Entry Pad

To begin with, locating the keyless entry pad is the first step. On most BMW models, the keyless entry pad is typically located on the driver’s side door handle. It is a small, discreet touchpad that is easily accessible for quick entry without the need for a physical key.

Step 2: Entering The Access Code

Once you have located the keyless entry pad, you can proceed to enter your access code. The access code is a unique sequence of numbers that you have set up when initializing the keyless entry system. This code serves as a secure way to authenticate your ownership and grant access to the trunk.

Step 3: Opening The Trunk

After entering the correct access code, you can proceed to open the trunk. Simply press the designated button or sequence on the keyless entry pad, and the trunk will release, allowing you to access the stored items inside.

Emergency Manual Opening

Emergencies can happen at the most unexpected times, and being able to access your BMW trunk from the outside during such situations is crucial. Luckily, BMW vehicles are equipped with a manual release lever that allows you to open the trunk when the electronic release mechanism fails. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to execute the emergency manual opening, ensuring you can access your trunk even when facing unforeseen circumstances.

Step 1: Locating The Manual Release Lever

Before attempting to open the BMW trunk manually from the outside, you need to locate the manual release lever. This lever is typically located inside the trunk, near the latch or on the inside panel of the trunk door.

Step 2: Accessing The Lever From Outside

Once you have located the manual release lever, you will need to access it from outside the vehicle. To do this, you may need to gain access to the interior of the trunk by using a key or accessing the trunk through the rear seats, depending on the model of your BMW.

Step 3: Executing The Manual Release

After accessing the manual release lever from outside, carefully pull the lever in the direction indicated by the manufacturer. This action should trigger the manual release mechanism, allowing you to open the trunk from the outside.

Utilizing The Smart Key

When it comes to accessing your BMW trunk from outside, utilizing the Smart Key is a convenient and efficient option. With just a few simple steps, you can easily open your BMW trunk using the Smart Key without requiring direct access to the vehicle’s interior.

Step 1: Locating The Smart Key Sensor

To begin opening your BMW trunk using the Smart Key, the first step is to locate the Smart Key sensor on the rear of the vehicle. The sensor is typically located near the license plate or the area surrounding the trunk handle.

Step 2: Initiating Trunk Opening

Once you have located the Smart Key sensor, press and hold down the designated button on the Smart Key. This action will send a signal to the vehicle, initiating the trunk opening process. Ensure that the Smart Key is within the required range for the signal to activate the trunk release mechanism.

Step 3: Key Re-pairing

If you encounter any issues with the Smart Key’s functionality in opening the trunk, it may be necessary to re-pair the Smart Key with the vehicle’s system. Refer to your BMW owner’s manual for instructions on how to re-pair the Smart Key to ensure seamless trunk access.

Accessing Bmw Connecteddrive Services

BMW ConnectedDrive offers a range of convenient remote services that allow you to access your vehicle’s features from your smartphone. Whether you want to open the trunk remotely or troubleshoot connectivity issues, the platform provides seamless solutions for BMW owners. Below, we’ll explore how you can make the most of BMW ConnectedDrive services to access your BMW trunk from outside.

How to Open Bmw Trunk from Outside

Exploring Remote Services Subscription

To access BMW ConnectedDrive services, you need a subscription to the Remote Services package. This subscription enables you to use the BMW Remote App and other features that allow remote access to your vehicle’s functions, including the trunk. Ensure that your subscription is active and your account is set up to access these services.

Using Bmw Mobile App For Trunk Operation

With the BMW Mobile App installed on your smartphone, you can easily open the trunk of your BMW from outside. Simply launch the app, navigate to the remote services section, and select the trunk unlock option. This allows you to conveniently access your trunk without the need for physical keys.

Troubleshooting Common Connectivity Issues

If you encounter connectivity issues while trying to access your BMW trunk remotely, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take. Ensure that your smartphone has a stable internet connection and that the BMW Mobile App is updated to the latest version. Additionally, check for any software updates for your vehicle’s infotainment system to ensure seamless connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Open Bmw Trunk From Outside

How Do I Open My Bmw Trunk Without The Key?

To open the BMW trunk without a key, locate the trunk release button inside the vehicle. Press the button, and the trunk will pop open, allowing access without using the key.

Can I Open My Bmw Trunk Remotely?

Yes, you can open the BMW trunk remotely using the trunk release button on the key fob. Simply press the trunk release button, and the trunk will unlock and pop open, providing convenient access.

What Should I Do If My Bmw Trunk Won’t Open?

If the BMW trunk won’t open, ensure the vehicle is unlocked and that the key fob or trunk release button inside the vehicle is functioning properly. If the issue persists, consult the owner’s manual or seek assistance from a BMW technician.


So there you have it – a quick and effective way to open your BMW trunk from outside. With the right tools and method, you can easily access your trunk without any hassle. Make sure to follow these steps carefully for a smooth experience every time you need to open your BMW trunk from the outside.

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