How to Put Bmw in Park

How to Put Bmw in Park: Simple Steps for Effortless Parking

To put a BMW in park, simply bring the vehicle to a complete stop, then press the “P” button or shift the gear lever to the “P” position. When driving a BMW, it is crucial to understand how to properly park the vehicle to ensure safety and prevent any potential damage.

BMW cars typically feature a “P” button or a gear lever with a “P” position for parking. Understanding how to utilize this feature is essential for any BMW driver. We will guide you through the step-by-step process of putting a BMW in park, ensuring that you can confidently and safely park your vehicle.

Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission BMW, the process for putting the car in park remains consistent. By following our instructions, you can easily and effectively put your BMW in park and prevent any potential accidents or damage.

Parking Preparations

Before parking your BMW vehicle, it is essential to understand the gear system, as well as the specific mechanism for putting it in park. By following these simple steps, you can easily navigate the process without any hassle.

Understanding Bmw Gear System

BMW vehicles commonly feature automatic transmission with a different gear system, comprising of park (P), reverse (R), neutral (N), and drive (D) among others. Each position serves a specific purpose and understanding this system is crucial in operating the vehicle safely and efficiently.

Locating The Park Button

Once you have pulled up to your intended parking spot, ensure the vehicle is at a complete stop. Next, locate the park (P) button on the gear shifter. This button, often marked with the letter “P”, is usually placed on the center console between the driver and front passenger seats.

How to Put Bmw in Park

Steps To Park Bmw

Parking your BMW correctly is essential to ensure safety and prevent the vehicle from rolling. Follow these simple steps to park your BMW securely.

Step 1: Coming To A Complete Stop

When parking your BMW, ensure that the vehicle has come to a complete stop before engaging the parking brake and shifting into park. This step is crucial for the safety of both the vehicle and its occupants.

Step 2: Engage The Parking Brake

After coming to a complete stop, engage the parking brake to secure the vehicle in its position. The parking brake helps to prevent the car from rolling, especially on steep inclines or slippery surfaces.

Step 3: Shifting Into Park

Once the parking brake is engaged, shift the gear lever into the “P” (Park) position. Ensure that the gear is firmly in place to prevent any accidental movement of the vehicle.

Important Parking Safety

When it comes to parking a BMW, ensuring safety measures is paramount. Properly putting your BMW in park can prevent accidents and ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Here are some essential parking safety tips to follow, especially when dealing with inclines and unexpected situations.

Parking On Inclines

When parking on inclines, engage the parking brake in addition to putting the car in park. This enhances the stability of the vehicle, preventing it from rolling downhill. Always turn the front wheels towards the curb when parking uphill and away from the curb when parking downhill.

Dealing With Unexpected Situations

If you encounter unexpected situations such as a parking lot hazard or an emergency, remain calm. Attempt to safely navigate out of the situation. In the event of an emergency, turn off the engine, engage the hazard lights, and establish a safe perimeter while waiting for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Put Bmw In Park

How Do You Put A Bmw In Park?

To put a BMW in park, simply press the brake pedal and shift the gear selector into the “P” position. Make sure the vehicle comes to a complete stop before shifting into park to avoid transmission damage.

Is It Necessary To Engage The Parking Brake When Putting A Bmw In Park?

Yes, it is essential to engage the parking brake when putting a BMW in park. This additional safety measure ensures that the vehicle stays in place, especially on inclines or when parked for an extended period.

What Should I Do If My Bmw Won’t Go Into Park?

If your BMW won’t go into park, ensure the vehicle is fully stopped and try shifting into park again. If the issue persists, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from a qualified mechanic to diagnose and resolve the problem effectively.


In a nutshell, properly putting your BMW in park is crucial to your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth and secure parking experience every time.

Remember, regular maintenance and awareness of your vehicle’s functions are key to a stress-free driving experience.

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